Meet Cameron

Photo by Karen O. Brown



We would like to introduce you to Cameron, one of our recent success stories:

Cameron, a doe-eyed 4 year old at Big Mama’s CDC, is a child constantly in motion.  Prior to our residency, his teachers described him as bright, but struggling with self-control. He was prone to unprovoked hitting, and would sometimes stand up in the middle of circle time and twirl like a spinning top until he was dizzy.  Dancing With Books, Inner City- Inner Child’s 10 week classroom residency, provided the space for him to freely move his body and explore space and rhythm while learning important tools to manage his behavior like following directions and taking turns.  Cameron was so comfortable with the Inner City – Inner Child Teaching Artist that he shared a secret: he loves rainbows.   The Teaching Artist listened to Cameron, and allowed him to guide his learning according to his interest.  The next class meeting, he created a dance about rain, rainbows, and the way flowers grow.  Using the book, Skip Through the Seasons as a springboard, Cameron created a dance on his own, that he cared deeply about, and shared it with his friends and teachers.  Dancing With Books helped him to discover his love of reading, as well as the artist in himself.