About Us


We place low-income preschool children on the road to literacy and future success by empowering their educators to use the arts to teach academic skills. 


Every child has access to quality early childhood education.  
Every early childhood educator has access to quality professional development.

FY14 Results

  • 2,582 low-income preschool children served
  • 297 early childhood educators trained
  • 801 professional development hours earned
  • 152 workshops given
  • 1,393 books donated
  • 33 child development centers reached


For over two decades, Inner City-Inner Child (ICIC), the arts education/ literacy program of the historic Dumbarton Concerts, has provided quality arts integration and early childhood education programs to low-income, community-based Child Development Centers throughout Washington, D.C. Dumbarton Concerts began community outreach in 1987 with a program called Live Music Now!, an initiative to bring music out of the concert hall and into isolated neighborhoods of Washington, D.C. Through this work, we discovered that young children had the greatest unmet needs in our community.  In response, Inner City-Inner Child was created in 1994 to reach the District’s neediest children.  

ICIC provides innovative arts and literacy programs and book donations for under served preschool children, professional development workshops and literacy trainings for their early childhood teachers and directors, and family literacy workshops for parents.

All of these programs work to create an environment that supports school readiness for the neediest children in our Nation’s Capital by introducing teachers and children to the power of integrating the arts with academics.  By helping centers become accredited, and stay accredited by the National Association for the Accreditation Education of Young Children (NAEYC), ICIC improves the quality of early childhood education in the District.

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